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Guide for Accelerating Computational Reproducibility

The Guide for Accelerating Computational Reproducibility (ACRe Guide) includes a common approach, terminology, and standards for conducting reproductions on the Social Science Reproduction Platform (SSRP) and is meant to be used in conjuction with the SSRP. Reproducers can find detailed guidance for each of the reproduction stages, including Selecting a Paper, Scoping, Assessment, Improvements, and Robustness, as well as guidance and resources for constructive communication with original authors. Instructors using the SSRP for teaching purposes should reference this chapter to find guidance for typical use cases, tips for planning assignments, and sample grading strategies.

We welcome feedback and direct contributions from all readers in all parts and aspects of the ACRe Guide. If you wish to provide feedback on specific chapters or sections, navigate to the page where you'd like to submit your feedback and then click the “edit” icon at the top of the page (this will prompt you to sign into or create a GitHub account), after which you’ll be able to suggest changes directly into the text. Please submit your suggestions using the “create a new branch and start a pull request” option and provide a summary of the changes you’ve proposed in the description of the pull request. The SSRP team will review all suggested changes and decide whether to “push” them to this Guide document or not. We will acknowledge major contribution on the ACRe Guide cover page according to the Contributor Roles Taxonomy (CRediT). Learn more here and contact for further questions.