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The Social Science Reproduction Platform (SSRP) crowdsources and catalogs attempts to assess and improve the computational reproducibility of social science research. Instructors can use the SSRP in applied social science courses at the graduate or undergraduate levels to teach fundamental concepts, methods, and reproducible research practices. Learn More →

How it works

Assess & Improve

Reproducers can assess and improve computational reproducibility through a structured four-stage process using our Guide for Accelerating Computational Reproducibility.

Search completed reproductions here or use the search bar above.

Review & Collaborate

In the SSRP Forum, users can review, comment on, and collaborate on reproductions submitted by others. To join the discussion about a particular paper, look up its DOI in the Reproductions category.


A forthcoming Metrics Dashboard will aggregate results from submitted reproductions to produce metrics of computational reproducibility across papers, journals, sub-disciplines, and timespans.